President's Message

President: Nick Yoshida


Thank you for your unwaering support of OADL — especially through these past couple of years while we have worked to rebuild the organization. OADL is in a much stronger position today, and we could not have made it to this point without Mark Hidde’s inspiring, visionary presidency, and Carrie Warner’s countless hours and dedication as our Executive Director.

For many decades, OADL has served members who have truly made an impact on people’s happiness and wellness. However, our industry is in the midst of a technological revolution that is drastically changing our landscape— with the pace of change only accelerating. This year, we were shocked by the closure announcement of Portland Community College’s Dental Lab Technician (DLT) program, and the number of dental labs continues to decline. With these trends, it is imperative that OADL serves its members purposefully, with the future in mind, as well as be a vanguard in our profession for the sake of our stakeholders and patient and doctor communities.

With these changes, I believe OADL faces another crucial junction in our history, raising several important questions. For example, would a required Oregon Certifi ed Dental Laboratory (CDL) certifi cation, such as the one pursued by the Washington State Dental Laboratory Association, heighten the perceived importance of our industry and elevate the statewide safety of the products and services provided? Should we work with the Department of Labor to establish apprenticeship programs or escalate our voice to keep PCC’s program open? How can OADL improve our membership services to support your fast-evolving business needs?

As OADL members and leaders in our profession who are aware of these developments, I ask you to become more involved by voicing your concerns and ideas in order to help us tackle these tough questions. Additionally, I ask current members to encourage other colleagues to join us. By increasing membership and conference attendance in both participant and vendor numbers, we can create a more dynamic and collaboratice educational program.

As the late George H. W. Bush once said: “Be bold in your caring, be bold in your dreaming, and above all else, always do your best.” Our goal is to help you become the best you can be.

I look forward to serving you and OADL President this year. I wish you a brilliant 2019, both personally and professionally.

2019 President Nick Yoshida