President's Message

OADL 2020 President: Max Thomas


I would like to thank the entire OADL Board for this opportunity! Specifically, I’d like to extend a special thanks and a great appreciation to the past President and Executive Director: Nick Yoshida and Carrie Peil Warner. They have provided countless hours of hard work and determination for our industry. I believe that the OADL is in a better place than ever to continue to grow and expand our member base.

With the possible new movements towards our preeminent industry, our member base is more important than ever! If you want someone to take you seriously, you must first truly take yourself seriously. The (WSDLA) Washington State Dental Laboratory Association is a perfect example of passing modern laws in 2019. Looking to the future, the industry has many crucial decisions to make, but what we choose to become will greatly affect the generations to follow. As a unit, the OADL Board and member base have agreed to move forward on following in the footsteps of Washington’s Dental Association! If you have questions, concerns or you’re eager to stand behind this movement, contact me anytime at: (503)-476-6709. Crown Creations’ doors are open to all!

Unpleasantly, the number of Dental School programs is closing rapidly. The U.S. is now left with fewer than 12 educational systems to date. This raises the question: where will we find new Dental Technicians? Most of us are now hiring friends, family members, or hard-working citizens. Due to the scarcity of trained technicians, we are now training employees ourselves from the ground up. This is why I believe the Fundamentals of Dental Technology are so important. Applying this astounding new technology can streamline a Laboratory, but it can also be the end of one. You must first understand “Function”, “Purpose”, and “Fit” to set yourself apart.

What makes you stand out?

- Is it the twenty extra minutes you spend to make each crown that much better?

- Is it the creative way you pre-stain your units?

Whatever it may be, everyone needs something to stand out and believe in. In this ever-expanding technological industry, anyone (including Dentists) can purchase a Milling Unit and create a ‘standard crown’. The race to the bottom has subsided! Where do you fit in? Every laboratory has their place, whether that’s the low-cost provider, the $600 unit, or the “we can fix anything Lab”; we all have our place in this industry. It’s up to you to decide where you belong and what you believe in.

I truly believe in this industry! Above all, we offer a service to not only the Dentist, but to the patient as well. Remakes and adjustments always seem to be an issue for laboratories, yet at the end of the day our goal is to provide long-lasting restorations to each individual patient. The most important question we ask ourselves at Crown Creations is: “Would you put this crown in your mouth? Or a loved one’s mouth”? In business, I believe that when good people go out of their way for others, it truly shows. A sustainable product created to serve the patient will always persevere in the long run.

“Do the right thing: The ethical path can be lonely, hard, costly… but you’ll never lose self-respect or long-term clients-and that’s priceless and fragile.” – Dr. Eric Thomas


Max Thomas, OADL 2020 President