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2017 Conference

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John McMillan IV

Hands-on Classroom Courses

3 hour hands-on waxing course. Mastering morphology in wax.
3 hour hands-on Stain and Glaze course

Table Clinics

Vadim Vainer, DTG

Table Clinics
Shaping and texture for anterior restorations
Internal and External staining technique

Marlin Gohn, CDT

Table Clinic
Achieving Highest quality Zirconia and Milled Gold

Vince Tauro, CDT

Table Clinic
Coloring Zirconia for Natural Esthetics

Clinical - Lab Tech Track

Business Development


Mark T. Murphy, DDS, FAGD

The 3 Drivers of Sustained Growth and SUCCESS - Half Day

Understanding and applying sound business principles, strategies and metrics will help you and your team; Retain More Clients, Improve Percentage of Sales to your Customers and Maximize New Referrals. Mark’s fresh perspective on business and practice management, his expertise as Lead Faculty for Mercer Advisors and 30 years of involvement with the Pankey Institute make this a unique learning opportunity. This workshop will utilize lecture, group exercises, easy spread sheets to evaluate gaps, a survey of behavioral choices to close those gaps and various take home training constructs to use. Improving your business means doing more of what your customers need, having less stress and being in absolute balance; clinically, financially and behaviorally.

Learning Objectives:

  • Example How to Develop a Vision Driven Strategic Planning Matrix for Growth
  • How to Measure and Monitor Retention, Percentage Share and New Client
  • Select and Manage the Behaviors that Impact Your Growth Goals

Edentulous Treatment


Chris Bormes, MICOI

Treatment Planning the Edentulous Arch

A didactic overview of the theory and criteria necessary for the Dental Team to decide when to restore the edentulous arch with a fixed detachable, overdenture bar, or overdenture stud prostheses. The attendee will learn what information is necessary for treatment planning, how to communicate this with dental partners, and why to choose certain treatment modalities.

Implant Supported and Retained Full Arch Removable Treatment:
How, where, when, and why different treatment options are chosen for the edentulous patient. Treatment options covered will be Overdenture Bars, such as Hader, Plunger Loc, Sagix, and Locator as well as Overdenture Studs, such as RT-x, Clix, Locator, O-Rings, and Magnets. The attendee will learn which restorative option is best for the patient as well as technical information, troubleshooting, and pitfalls to avoid.



Vadim Vainer, DTG

Screw Retained Hybrid Implants Abutments & Crowns:

Manufacturing and Cementation utilizing Ivoclar Multilink cement.

Why to create a Hybrid?
IPS e, max Hybrid Abutments and Screw Retained Implant Crowns. Zirconia Hybrid Abutments and Screw Retained Implant Crowns. Step by step cementation of ceramic abutment tops/crowns to Ti Bases/Custom Abutments Finishing and Polishing 

2017 Conference Speakers

Pala Cre-Active


Jeremy Wohlers, CDT

Pala Cre-Active

With today’s removable industry becoming more esthetically demanding we need more tools to help us create the best restoration possible for each case. With that in mind we need a tool that is flexible in application and shade. That is Cre-active it can be used in both fixed and removable applications. It has multiple shades available to the artist thus allowing us to recreate what was there be¬fore. In this lecture/demonstration we will be going over application and technique to achieve a natural restoration. Sponsored by Preat

HIPAA Compliance


Terre Harris, CEO, Harris Biomedical

HIPAA Compliance for the Dental Laboratory

Harris Biomedical is one of the country’s leading compliance consultants and was among the first to respond to the dental industry’s OISHA and HIPAA compliance needs. We provide a full range of client services designed to help you respond to the mandates of WISHA, HIPAA and CDC’s infection control guidelines. Having prepared nearly 6500 OSHA and 4500 HIPAA compliance programs for dental practices across the country and staff training for more than 160,000 dental care professionals since 1989, our one-stop approach to compliance needs is recognized as one of the dental industry’s best. We long ago established our leading- edge reputation by responding to client needs in direct, reliable, and accountable ways.

Zirconia Restorations


Vincent Tauro, MDT, CDT

A World Beyond: High Translucent Full Contour Zirconia Restorations

Vincent acquired his extensive dental experience initially with high production labs and was even asked to become an instructor for ceramics. He next started his own high end lab in New York working for several prominent prosthodontists. Recruited as an outside clinician for Williams Dental/Degussa, Vince was promoted to lead their technical department. He has lectured at prestigious institutions and consulted labs throughout the US & internationally. Now as a technical consultant for B&D Dental Technologies, Vince continues to advocate for high quality restorations with CAD/CAM.

Infection Control


Ginny Jorgensen, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, AAS

Infection Control Training for the Dental Lab Technician

This course qualifies for the CDT infection control training requirement. Included in this program is a review of OSHA and HazCom standards as well as the CDC recommendations for dental labs. It is imperative that a dental lab maintains a safe working environment for its employees while protecting dental patients from disease transmission. Attend this course for a quick but thorough overview of this important subject.

Digital Restorative


Alessandro Cucchiaro, MDT

The 3D Virtual Patient

Despite Luddite tendencies in dental technology, the advent of a complete digital workflow is reshaping interdisciplinary collaboration between technicians and doctors. These advancements allow technicians to maximize workflow efficiency without risking patient satisfaction. As tools and materials develop to streamline complex planning, technicians must dive into a new realm of possibility while upholding traditional values of high-culture solutions. Highlighting the clinical application of this groundbreaking technology, Alessandro Cucchiaro MDT will provide evidence for a new dimension of digital workflow that sets the benchmark for reliability, esthetics and efficiency.

Dental Photography


Vadim Vainer, DTG

Basics of Dental Photography

Necessity of photography in modern dentistry
Equipment overview
Photography Theory (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, Exposure Triangle)
Laboratory photography (settings and techniques)
Clinical photography (settings and techniques)
Post-production Software Overview
Digital Marketing

Removable Prosthetics


Tom Zaleske, A.S.

Non-digital Production and Esthetic Tools for Conventional and Digital Removable Prosthetics

Have you decided to forgo participating in digital manufacturing and are looking for a way to shorten processing times without quality compromise? You understand to remain viable you need to produce and offer something different, something more esthetic. Maybe you are participating in digital removable prosthetics but are seeking a way to make a more esthetic end product. Let me show you how I do it.

This presentation will explain how (1) 3 minute microwave curing can allow you to shorten your production curing times fabricating conventional, partial denture, and implant bar cases, and in cases offer a better product. It will also explain a (2) technique for masking implant bars, as well as metal rests, major connectors and clasps in new and existing chrome partials with tooth and tissue colored light cure composite. Also a (3) fast, post-process way of coloring denture teeth to modify shade and enhance the esthetics.

Zirconia Restorations


Paul Cascone, BE, MetE, MS

Why Zirconia Units Fail and How to Prevent it in Your Lab

In this seminar Paul Cascone, Argen's Senior VP of Research and Development, Bachelors of Engineering in Metallurgical Engineering (BE MetE) Master of Science in Ceramic Science (MS) will explain in detail the nature of zirconia. Paul will cover where zirconia comes from , how dental grade zirconia is made, the good and the "bad" features of zirconia and provide you a basic understanding of why zirconia units fail. The information will educate you on how to prevent fractures both in the laboratory and at the operatory.

Milling Materials


Brian Knopf, BS Chem, MBA

The Science Behind Today’s Milling Materials

Course information coming soon

Save the date for the OADL Annual Conference 2018 - October 5th & 6th
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