2019 OADL Annual Conference

2019 Conference

2019 Hands-On Full Day Workshops

Fundamentals in Dentures
With Kristi K. Neff
Sponsored by DENTSPLY

This one-day "hands-on" bench program concentrates on Esthetic and Functional concepts concerning anterior and posterior tooth arrangements. Truly personalized tooth arrangements are based on facial characteristics, oral landmarks, and factors of denture contour which benefit the patient. Several of the factors governing establishment of balanced articulation will be covered, with suggestions for practical applications to improve articlation and subsequent functional benefits-- A Plane of Orientation as well as specific anatomical landmarks for natural tooth positions will be illustrated. Articulator settings necesary to achieve accurate bilateral working and balancing contact are discussed. A portion of the slide/lecture covers flat occlusal schemes for when a preference is indicated for that type of tooth arrangement.

Workshop participants set up complete upper and lower dentures utilizing Trubyte 10-degree uppers teeth and 10-degree lowers in balanced occlusion. A 1x28 of the artificial teeth employed during this program along with cast/mountings, baseplates, portfolios, etc. become the property of each partcipant.

About Kristi

Kristi is currently employed with DENTSPLY Prosthetics as a Technical Specialist with over 20 years experience in the dental laboratory field. Kristi joined the Trubyte/Austenal team in 2002 and has become an integral part of our Technical Center out in York, Pennslyvania helping train our customers in our various denture and partial product lines ,and also working closely with our sales reps in the field.

Kristi started at DENTSPLY Prosthetics with the launch of our Eclipse Prosthetic Resin System, and has become proficient with all of our Trubyte and Austenal product lines. Kristi is currently the Prosthetics expert on overdenture bars from ES Heathcare and lectures extensively domestically and internationally. Prior to working for DENTSPLY, Kristi worked for an in-house denture lab on the lab side, and also handled chairside responsibilities. Kristi is a Certified Dental Technician.

6 Scientific Credits

Ceramic in Layers
With Step ToothMaster Bay
Sponsored by GC America

In this full day hands on course, you will learn the proper ways of choosing colors of ceramics to fabricate the nature-like restorations. Knowing what colors to use to express the right effect is a game changer for our ceramic restorations. Elevate your skill level to make work easy by learning cutback techniques, internal staining, micro ceramic layering, external staining, and how to have fun at work!

About Step

Step ToothMaster Bay became one of the youngest Certified Dental Technicians at the age of 24. In 2009, Step ToothMaster Bay started his own laboratory, CDI Science, specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Restorations. He has created the new concept of Morphopsychology and fabricated thousands of life-like restorations for some of the pickiest, influential Dentists in the country. As a lifetime advocate of education and learning the latest technology and techniques, Step continues to travel around the world. As an educator to both Dentists and Laboratory Technicians, Step ToothMaster Bay lectures internationally and hosts courses in his own laboratory in Charlotte, NC.

7 Scientific Credits

2019 Speakers

Art of Color with Step ToothMaster Bay, Keynote Speaker | Sponsored by GC America

This lecture will talk about how colors are used in our work. Let's talk about how colors are best communicated by using the right cameras and lighting; use the simplified settings and we can train our eyes to better shade matching. Also come to see how cutback techniques are so important to fabricating life-like restorations.

About Step

Step ToothMaster Bay became one of the youngest Certified Dental Technicians at the age of 24. In 2009, Step ToothMaster Bay started his own laboratory, CDI Science, specializing in Cosmetic Dentistry and Implant Restorations. He has created the new concept of Morphopsychology and fabricated thousands of life-like restorations for some of the pickiest, influential Dentists in the country. As a lifetime advocate of education and learning the latest technology and techniques, Step continues to travel around the world. As an educator to both Dentists and Laboratory Technicians, Step ToothMaster Bay lectures internationally and hosts courses in his own laboratory in Charlotte, NC.

1.5 Scientific Credits

Infection Control with Ginny Jorgensen, CDA, EFDA, EFODA, AAS

This course qualifies for the CDT infection control training requirement. Included in this program is a review of OSHA and HazCom standards as well as the CDC recommendations for dental labs. It is imperative that a dental lab maintains a safe working environment for its employees while protecting dental patients from disease transmission. Attend this course for a quick but thorough overview of this important subject.

About Ginny

Ginny Jorgensen has worked as an orthodontic assistant, general chairside assistant for many years, and was the Training Specialist for Kaiser Permanente Dental Care Program for five years. Ginny holds an Associate's Degree in Professional Technical Education, which gained her a full-time position at PCC as a dental assisting instructor. She is an approved speaker on blood borne pathogens for the National Association of Dental Laboratories, and is currently a partner for Smith & Jorgensen Dental Consulting, a consulting firm that focuses on dental professionals' health, safety and well-being by providing training on the subjects of ergonomics and infection control.

1 Regulatory Standard Credit

New Tools Require Focus on FDA Compliance with Tim Torbensen | Sponsored by Full Contour

Are you growing your lab with Clear Aligners, Surgical Guides and other CAD/CAM prosthetics?

Come hear me speak at LMT Lab Day West on the latest developments and FDA compliance standards for automated manufactured dental appliances.

In this program we will address how to best become compliant with current FDA requirements and how to use the process of the quality management system to continually improve the quality of the restorations that you are delivering to your dentist clients.

About Tim

Tim has over 42 years’ experience in the dental industry with the past 31 years dedicated to the restorative processes involving Dental implants. He has a diverse experience with medical device manufacturing, sales, management and regulatory affairs. Tim brings his regulatory experiences from his time at Attachments International, Glidewell Dental Laboratories and most recently Integrated Dental Systems where Tim oversaw the development of 5 implants systems through design, production and their regulatory processes.

1 Professional Development Credit

Lab Digital IQ and How To Be Our Clients' Best Resource with Jamie Stover, CDT | Sponsored by Carbon

Technology is evolving faster than at any other time in history, but when every lab is a "digital lab" the small things are actually the most crucial. Digital IQ" is the measure of a lab's ability to navigate the most current CAD/CAM landscape and to be a resource for clinicians and staff, providing comprehensive case support, new material indications, and technology application/utilization information and training. This course discusses operating and growing a dental lab in today's fast changing marketplace. CAD/CAM production processes, the digital workflow, customer support and education, strategies for successfully guiding dentists making the transition to digital impressions, and more are covered.

About Jamie

Jamie Stover, CDT is the Senior Manager of Dental Lab Applications at Carbon3D. Previously Jamie was Chief Operating Officer of Ziemek Laboratories and has been a dental laboratory technician for over 20 years. In his role of COO at Ziemek, Jamie oversaw all daily operations, along with researching, testing, and implementing the latest digital dental technology, hardware, and materials to help grow the lab from a 5 person operation in 1998 to over 65 employees with 3 locations in 2018.

Jamie has been working with IOS systems for over 12 years, has helped hundreds of dentists transition to digital impressions, has written over 20 articles for publication in national dental trade journals, and lectures regularly on a myriad of topics for dental professionals.

  In his role at Carbon 3D Jamie is a consultant for labs and dentists on streamlining production with the digital workflow and implanting strategies for business growth and utilization of new applications. Jamie is passionate about continuing education and promoting constructive communication between the dental lab and dental clinic to build synergy and improve efficiency.

Jamie is a member of several professional organizations including: The Dental Technician Alliance of the American College of Prosthodontists, the NADL Business Management Committee, the Straumann Speaker Bureau, he is on the team of professional contributors at Dentalcompare.com, is an Align Dental XP Lecturer, a Key Opinion Leader for Juvora, and is a Special Section Editor at Inside Dental Assisting.

1 Scientific Credit

What's Your Number? with John Marshall | Sponsored by Results Driven

As a Dental Lab Owner, you know your practice is capable of more. More billings. More growth. More profits. Maybe - more free time. But you’re trapped on the treadmill of day-to-day activities. Too often, you struggle because you lack systems and processes. You rarely have time to plan, so it’s difficult to prioritize and stay focused. And you know deep down, you should be rewarded for your hard work.

You’re not getting rewarded because you don’t know one vital number in your business.

The ‘number’ is the overall health of your practice. This number will tell you if your practice is weak. Strong. Underperforming.

Your number is a score out of 100. It’s based on 6 key areas. These are the 6 areas that highly successful businesses from over 30 industries focus on. Daily. Weekly. Monthly.

In this interactive presentation, you’re going to calculate your ‘number’. By discovering your number, you’ll finally know the health of your practice, as well as, the strength of your practice in these 6 key areas.

Once you learn your number, we’re going to make the presentation interactive. We’ll put you into small break out groups, where you’ll share your insights with fellow colleagues. In this presentation you’ll learn:

  • How to calculate your own vital number
  • Key and valuable insights into the overall health of your practice
  • What you should focus on in your business
  • What will give you the best return of your time
  • What systems and processes you need to design to be more effective
  • How to deepen your client relationships
  • How to increase your revenue and profit

  • At the end of the presentation, you’re going to have new and creative ideas to help build your profits and your practice. And as you implement these ideas into your business, you’re finally going to achieve - the results you deserve.

    About John

    John Marshall, the founder of Results Driven, a thought leader on small business, discovered something very powerful. In mentoring businesses in over 30 industries, most denturists are overwhelmed because they don’t know their one vital number. That's why we created our business scorecard: What's Your Number? This insightful scorecard will help you discover your number and learn if your business is weak, strong, or underperforming. The scorecard is the first tool in their 5-part training mentoring framework. You deserve to know your ‘number’. It’s insightful. Revealing. Beneficial. Contact me for your copy: (john@results-driven.com)

    1 Professional Development Credit

    Surgical Guides: A Practical Business Review for the Modern Day with Charles Banh | Sponsored by Straumann

    Guided surgery is a resurgent discussion topic with open source software and predictable, affordable 3D printing solutions now becoming commonplace. This program will provide attendees with a case review of a small size lab adopting this technology and the successes and pitfalls they experienced before becoming profitable. The advances in guided surgery, specifically focusing on pre-fabricated temporaries and custom gingival formers, will be discussed as well as their clinical applications. We will explore the business aspect of guided surgery including overhead costs, fabrication time, best practices for communication, how to hire, and our keys to success; in other words, should you do this and how will it positively affect your business? For those laboratories looking to add this service to their current offering, we will discuss what you need from your referral base and how to get started. Lastly, we will introduce a novel concept: treating the surgical guide part of your laboratory the same way a surgeon runs his implant practice.

    About Charles

    Charles Banh was born in southern California and resided there through high school. He moved to the San Francisco bay area and enrolled at the University of California, Berkeley attending courses with the intention of attending medical school. He finished Berkeley with a bachelor’s degree in microbiology. In 2009, Charles moved to San Jose to join Anatomage as a sales representative. In 2010 he became sales manager and in 2011 appointed director of sales. He was responsible for all dental sales, training of all personnel, education, and for the company’s advertising campaign. Charles worked closely with key opinion leaders and sales partners to define the overall image and positioning of the brand. He has lectured around the country in the field of Cone Beam CT and Guided Surgery. In 2013, Charles resigned from Anatomage. in October 2013, Charles joined Biomet 3i as a Territory Manager in the San Francisco bay area. During his tenure he headed several successful education campaigns. Charles was instrumental in building the surgical practices within the area focusing on staff training, lab partnerships and executing education. Currently he is a consultant for oral surgeons focusing on the implant practice. He is also the head of the implant department for Ceramics West Dental Lab with primary scope being guided surgery and digital dentistry workflows.

    2 Scientific Credits

    Servicing Overdentures: Restore Retention, Reline Review, and More with Ruben Arebalo | Sponsored by PREAT

    In this course we will review the many problems clinicians and their patients experience with overdentures. We will discuss why these problems happen and the alternative solutions available to the clinician. Learn different techniques for chairside attachment pick up and relines. Discover how to prevent overdentures from being “locked in” and how to resolve an overdenture if it becomes “locked in”.

    About Ruben

    Ruben Arebalo has 14 years of dental laboratory experience with 10 years of digital design and edentulous, full-arch case planning skills. A graduate from the University of La Verne, Ruben is frequently sought out for technical advice and recognized as an expert in attachments and implantology. Ruben joined PREAT Corporation in 2008, was named Sr. Technician in 2010, promoted to General Manager in 2014, and most recently became Vice President in December 2018.

    2 Scientific Credits

    Digital Dentures: A Crash Course on How to Design Using 3Shape with Logan Woomer | Sponsored by Argen

    This is the year for digital dentures. If you have ever wondered how denture tooth libraries work, what types of STL files will be generated, or simply what the design workflow will look like, this course is for you. Our 3Shape design expert and Technical Product Manager, Logan Woomer, will be diving headfirst into 3Shape’s digital denture workflow and covering everything you need to know to get started, from control panel all the way to STL output.

    About Logan

    Logan Woomer is the Product Manager of Technical at The Argen Corporation. He previously worked for Riverside Dental Ceramics as a CAD/CAM technician. He joined Argen in July 2013 and runs the company’s 3Shape training program, assisting labs with design issues and new design indications.

    1.5 Scientific Credits

    Dentistry Through A Lens with Vadim Vainer | Sponsored by Shikosha

    This course covers the necessity of photography in modern dentistry, equipment overview, photography Theory (ISO, Aperture and Shutter Speed, Depth of Field, Exposure Triangle), Laboratory photography (settings and techniques), Clinical photography (settings and techniques), Post-production Software Overview, and Digital Marketing.

    About Vadim

    Vadim Vainer has been enjoying his career with dental technology for over 16 years. He started as an apprentice but soon realized he had a passion for the dental arts. After completing his formal education, he opened his own laboratory where he had to become an expert in all facets, from the aesthetics of cosmetic restorations to the fast pace of digital systems as well as the business of running it all. He is currently kept on his toes with a new challenge as the production manager for Shikosha Dental Laboratory.

    2 Scientific Credits

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea: Do I Have It? Should My Lab Be Involved? with Richard W. Moore, DDS, ABDSM

    Obstructive Sleep Apnea is a very significant public health problem. Causal links and associated connections to cardio-vascular diseases, Type 2 diabetes, depression, GERD, cognitive dysfunction, ED, automobile accidents, and many others continue to be identified. Quality of life and longevity are very likely improved for patients who seek therapy. Dentistry’s role in the management of this disorder has recently seen exponential growth, which is expected to continue. The current market for medical devices for obstructive sleep apnea is 8.15 Billion dollars and is expected to grow at an average rate of 6.8% annually over the 2019-2025 forecast period. It has been estimated that 1/3 of the adult population meet assessment criteria for this disorder. The dental sleep medicine industry is beginning to shift focus to preventive, adolescent orthopedic and orthodontic management of sleep disordered breathing and, per major thought leaders in the field, may virtually eliminate the disorder through airway growth and development management. The role of the dental sleep medicine specialist will only be enhanced. Oral appliances will enjoy a continued prominent position in the management of this health damaging disorder.

    The decision of a dental laboratory to include oral appliance therapy in their services list is a complicated one. Factors that influence that decision will be discussed. The complexities of the intellectual property rights, FDA regulatory requirements, provider competency concerns, medical insurance reimbursement issues and others will be discussed.

    Considering the surprising occurrence rate of this disorder in the general population, it is expected that many attendees may be present to learn more about how to find out if they are affected, and those who may be seeking therapy or therapy options for themselves, friends, or loved ones. Attendees will learn about the patho-physiology of Sleep Apnea; its causes, diagnosis, and treatment options. Business opportunities for the laboratory participation in this field will be elucidated and can perhaps be facilitated.

    About Richard

    Dr. Richard W. Moore, a general dentist from Vancouver, Washington is a 1977 graduate of Northwestern University Dental School. Dr. Moore has lectured widely throughout North America since 1993, on the topic of dentistry’s role in the management of the airway. An early member, he was elected to a three-year term (1996-1999) on the board of directors of the (ADSM) Academy of Dental Sleep Medicine ( www.dentalsleepmed.org) , an international society dedicated to the dissemination of current information in this growing field of dentistry. He also served as the Chairman of the Corporate Relations Committee. Dr. Moore is a Diplomate of the American Board of Dental Sleep Medicine and currently president of Sleep Medicine Group (www.sleepmedicinegroup.com). Dr. Moore formed this specialty medical practice and has limited his practice to airway management since 2004. Since its inception, more than ten thousand patients have been treated for sleep disordered breathing. Dr. Moore is on the faculty of the Oregon Health and Science University Sleep Medicine Fellowship. In 2017, Dr. Moore established Sleep R&D, LLC to facilitate development of innovation in the field of sleep medicine providing services including: IP rights advice, CAD / CAM services for prototyping and production, FDA 510(k) development and compliance services, FDA QMS regulatory establishment development services and many others.

    Dr. Moore is the President and CEO of Comfort Acrylics, Inc. Established in 1988, the manufacturing division has patented and developed TALON®, a thermoactive polymer used in the fabrication of interocclusal dental appliances. This product is sold to dental laboratories throughout North America, and Australia. As an FDA registered medical device manufacturer, the Dental Laboratory Division has produced mandibular repositioning devices for dentists throughout the USA since 1993. Dr. Moore has participated in this laboratory’s research and development of innovative interfaces which hybridize mandibular advancement with positive airway pressure, EPAP (PEEP – positive end expiratory pressure), nasal dilator devices, biometric – compliance sensing devices and others.

    2 Scientific Credits

    Beyond All-on-Four: Evolution of the Implant Bar Restoration with David "Kim" Solomon, VP of Sales

    The All-on-4 treatment concept is one of the most marketed and recognized procedures in the dental implant industry. Back by science, it offers a viable implant-base solution for patients facing loss of teeth and want to forgo drafting procedures to accommodate prosthetics. As this procedure enters its 16 th year, new and innovative restorative options have emerged. This presentation covers conventional treatment and the new evolution of patient specific implant bar solutions with focus on hygiene and customized treatments driven by advanced technology.

    About Kim

    Before joining Panthera Dental - Kim Solomon was the VP of Sales and Marketing at Keating Dental Arts, Irvine, CA. Prior to Keating, he was Director of Digital Dentistry & Regenerative Solutions at Nobel Biocare for five years where he spearheaded the NobelProcera / NobelClinician product lines, and in 2013 successfully launched the first Nobel Biocare branded regenerative solution line “creos”, allograft and xenograft materials in the North American and Canadian markets.

    Solomon has an extensive background in the dental arena, beginning his career as a dental technician at Dental Pro-Lab of Florida, he later opened his own laboratory “Dental Designs of Citrus” where he specialized in crown and bridge restorations. Working with dentists early in his career provided a solid foundation of understanding the relationship synergy between laboratory, clinician and patient. Treating patients better is the focus and commitment to his clients.

    Moving from the laboratory into dental sales was a smooth transition for Solomon. He began his career with Ivoclar, North America as a technical sales representative. Understanding the laboratory business model and the needs of the dental community, he expanded his services and product growth through educational venues, dental school support and local study club events.

    1 Scientific Credit

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