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Active Membership:

For commercial dental laboratories, as defined in Article III, Section 2.A of the Bylaws.  Annual dues (January through December) are $295.00. Dues may be paid in semi-annual installments with no extra carrying charges.  Besides the OADL services available to laboratory members, the technician employees of member labs may register at the membership rate for all continuing education clinics and are eligible for participation in all OADL Programs.

Affiliate Membership: 

For dental industry manufacturers and suppliers.  Annual dues (January through December) are $150.00. Affiliate Members designate one authorized representative.  

Associate Membership:

For dental technicians who are not laboratory owners, and for students. Annual dues (January through December) are $52.00. Associate members may register at the membership rate for all continuing education clinics. As a Member of the Association, you are welcome at all Board Meetings (dates and locations are posted on the website). 
We can always use your help on the Committee.

OADL Membership benefits include:

OADL Annual Fall Conference

OADL continues to bring a varied and dynamic Workshop to Oregon each year with continuing education classes to you and your staff at a greatly reduced rate.

OADL's Credit Card Processing Program - BASYS

OADL is pleased to provide a valuable membership benefit designed to save our lab owners money on expensive credit card processing fees. Members should expect to save up to 40% off their existing credit card processing fees. Contact Jarod Dickson at (800) 386-0711, or find out more at

Networking Opportunities

For all involved in dental laboratories. We all grow through sharing our experiences, worries and successes with friends in the same industry. We find far more success in our business when we share the solutions.

Free Quarterly Newsletter Publication

"The Articulator" to keep you informed of the Association’s  business. Members classified ads and employment advertisements – no charge.

Communication with your National Professional Association

The National Association of Dental Laboratories (

OADL Website

New look with more information: Members classified ads and employment advertisements on the website - no charge.


UPS Shipping Discount Program

These shipping rates could save you between 2% and 32% depending on your average gross weekly.

New Health Insurance Information:

NADL is exploring a health benefits package for it's component members. More info to come.

Our Association is as strong as the sum of our Members - Join today!

Your membership dues may be paid by check, money order, VISA or MasterCard. 

OADL Association Dues for Laboratories: $295.00
Affiliate Members: $150.00
Associate Members: $52.00

You can also mail check or money order to:
Mailing Address:

Oregon Association of Dental Laboratories 
320 S Montgomery St. #320
Portland, OR 97201
(541) 912-1443