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OADL 2022 Annual Conference

OADL 2022 Conference Program

OADL 2022 Conference


President's Message


Help Us Help You

Dear Members, Sponsors, and Colleagues:

I’d like to personally extend a thank you for your support and belief in the OADL. The members of this group are just like you, people that grind away (literally) at the bench under constant stress and insane deadlines day after day. The difference is these amazing people then go home and work on this organization for little to nothing because they believe in our profession and want to take care of our future. One of those people is the long time executive director of the OADL, Carrie Peil Warner. Without her dedication and unwavering spirit the OADL would undoubtedly not exist. Also, HUGE thank you to Max Thomas for his leadership as OADL president in 2020 during an unprecedented year.

On the macro scale, one of our most important goals for 2021 is to simply bring everyone together from all over the state. I don’t mean just bringing people together physically (with the current restraints that will likely not be possible) but providing a sense of community in some creative ways that makes the members feel like they have ownership in their future as lab owners and dental technicians.

On the micro scale, we plan on aggressively carrying out a campaign to pursue legislative action that will help keep dental work in the state of Oregon and ultimately hopefully more revenue for everyone. Obviously, there is a much larger problem with the lack of dental technology training programs and therefore fewer technicians, but we believe this is a step in reversing that trend. I have a simple request: help us help you. We will attempt to engage with you in a variety of different ways in an effort provide your membership with as much value as possible. Please let us know what is working and what isn’t working. What are your needs, questions, and concerns? How can we better serve you and your business?

I am honored to serve you this year and to make the most of this time.

With Gratitude,

Charles Banh
OADL 2021 President


Please stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis!
Here are some resources to help our Oregon laboratories make informed decisions regarding the Coronavirus:

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