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President's Message


A Year for Positivity and Efficiency

In 2021 the OADL board members put forth countless hours of time to bring back a focus on “the Fundamentals of Dental Technology.” In 2022 the hard work and dedication continued with goals for Oregon legislation to push for mandates and safeguards for the dental lab industry. Partnership with the NADL allowed momentum to be gained in requiring dental labs to be certified, ridding industry technicians the label of “unskilled labor”, and setting boundaries for labs that are outsourcing manufacturing to other countries. In 2022 the board also planned events geared toward continued education and growing its member base. With much determination, the board was able to achieve many of their goals. A key goal was to bring back an amazing educational and networking event, the OADL Annual Conference. Events like these foster technician growth, deeper interest in the industry, and awareness of advancements that span everything from stain and glaze materials and techniques, to 3D printed dentures! 

I would like to extend a very special thank you to Charles Banh, the past president, and Carrie Peil Warner, the executive director. Both individuals dedicated an immense amount of time and energy to make the Association better today than it was yesterday. In many ways, they inspired more to do the same. I am proud to have worked beside both individuals last year and excited to take up the torch with the rest of the board members for continued success in 2023!

This year, the OADL is focused on positivity! In my experience, positivity can fix just about anything! Being positive can bring great energy to your team, your fellow co-workers, your clients, and your sales reps. Your environment can change for the better. Crown Creations is living proof that this is true and that it works. Throughout 2022 and into 2023, Crown Creations has implemented the philosophy of positivity. And let me tell you... I will never go back! It has grown our client retention, dropped our employee turnover, inspired our team to try new tasks in the lab, and created a more collaborative environment. The result can be seen in more efficient workflows that save the lab overhead costs along with happier and more creative team members that demonstrate inclusion and excitement while at work. No more closed off technicians only concerned about their bench.

After seeing a few “dark years” during the pandemic, I decided that enough is enough. It is time for us to inspire each other to go beyond our self set limitations. Our industry should dream bigger, overcome adversity through teamwork, creativity, and the power of positivity. No more excuses. We will continue to use our efforts to evoke change. We will continue to empower our team members to push beyond the norm. We will band together to learn and to teach, both in large conference and small classroom settings. We will adapt to change and make a positive difference! This is the mentality that I plan to bring to the OADL Board. Greatness through positivity!

Max Thomas
OADL 2023 President


Please stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis!
Here are some resources to help our Oregon laboratories make informed decisions regarding the Coronavirus:

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