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The OADL 1-800 number is currently unavailable.

To reach the OADL Executive Director, please call: (541) 912-1443

OADL also has a new mailing address:

320 S. Montgomery St. #320
Portland, OR 97201

President's Message


Moving Forward Together

Dear Members, Sponsors, and Colleagues:

I am continually humbled by the dedication and support of both the members and sponsors of OADL. During another year of uncertain times, our group has remained diligent in making the future of dentistry a priority.

Last year we asked the community how OADL can best help serve you and your businesses. The feedback was valued and we’re proud to say a plan to maximize the benefit of your membership was actioned. At the top of the list is the plan to host our biggest continuing education event yet this next fall. Not only will this gathering bring back the in-person learning we’ve all missed, but it will give members the opportunity to earn their CE credits for the year in one weekend. Maintaining industry standards is a key pillar of OADL and the educational opportunities we offer are at the foundation of setting those principles. At the heart of this effort is once again Carrie Peil, your executive director.

This year we also showed our unified voice by pushing our legislative efforts in new ways and with new members offering their support. Our goal has always been positive change for the industry as a whole, with the more local result of healthier revenue and business security for our members. The impact of the pandemic still echoes through dental practices thus making it necessary that we remain strong in our endeavors to adapt and improve the existing laws that affect us.

My personal goal as OADL president this year is to understand the people of this group better. I look forward to enlightening conversations and community discussions that make me better at serving you. Let’s go into 2022 together.

With Gratitude,

Charles Banh
OADL 2022 President


Please stay safe and healthy during this COVID-19 crisis!
Here are some resources to help our Oregon laboratories make informed decisions regarding the Coronavirus:

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What do we do?

Foster Education

Advance the professional status and standards of education for those engaged in the industry.

Promote Business

Promote the common business interests of those engaged in the dental laboratory profession

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Represent the interests of the dental laboratory industry to government ​and regulatory entities